Jenny opened her eyes to darkness. It was so thick she couldn’t even be sure they were open. However, she was not uncomfortable. Her body was inside the gel that kept her in stasis. She could breathe, and every physiological function was ongoing. …

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I thought about it after reading a very interesting book about how important virtues are to grant the safety of civilians in war zones. According to the writer, virtues are what prevent those who have weapons from becoming bullies or war criminals. …

The Moon

Chapter 2

In the 50th year of the second millennium, the population explosion reached the point where Earth could not sustain it. Without a solution to the problem, humankind would meet its end.

Many suggestions came to the table. However, there was no time, resources, or availability for most ideas.

The Aztecs

Why did the Aztecs practice human sacrifice? That is a question that those who get to know about their gruesome religion always ask themselves. It seems contradictory if put against their undoubted development in science, architecture, and arts.

For many years, the reports made by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés

This article offers you the view of gold in different cultures. It also brings the perspective of those who believe in white powdered gold as a conductor to improve the energy flow throughout the body to cure diseases, give strength and open up the mind to the spiritual regions.


Luciana Martelo Correa

Luciana Martelo Correa is a brain tumor survivor. Her first book was published in 2013 and reached second place in Amazon Paranormal category.

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